Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Compensator Presets


The new Galaxy S6’s camera is amazing. I don’t say this lightly, but for a cell phone camera it’s about as good as it gets, right now. Almost all opinions on the device’s photographic power come down to personal preference, the technology is sound and, iPhone 6 users cover your eyes, the best in the market right now.

That doesn’t sadly hold true for some of Samsung’s processing decisions. Once a picture (the raw data) is taken, a complex set of algorithms kicks in to equalize colors, sharpen, compensate for low light, and more. A chip and some computational voodoo make aesthetic decisions before writing the final JPG to memory. This happens in split seconds and, by necessity, has to meet an average of “like.”

Since the current version of Samsung’s Android does not fully support the Camera 2 API and therefore won’t allow saving as DNG, a little work has to be put in afterwards to massage JPG if you so desire. If the original images appeal to you, stay with them. If not, here are three presets, one Lightroom and two DxO, to help out a little. Read More

A Few Northern Impressions

Boats in Hamburg's Harbor City. Storm floods can get as high as a meter or two above the street level. Reason enough to have elaborate lock mechanisms to shutter off the area. Also reason enough to raise the street in a future project.

I spent this Easter weekend up north, in Hamburg and Cuxhaven. Mostly to let the cold sea breeze clean out my cobwebbed winter brain, but as it turned out we left Frankfurt and headed into warmer and sunnier weather.

Walk With Me (Letter Copy)


Tacking this lettter’s edition onto my blog as well. If you haven’t yet, there’s a subscribe option you should definitely use. Not every letter is as topical as this one, but since it’s coming up…

Edition XVI: Walk With Me, no seriously!

Better a day late than never, this is Edition 16.

Spring’s in the air and German hunters are (not kidding) forbidden from shooting rabbits, hares, and anything that could be construed as an easter bunny until Monday. Funnily enough, hare is the traditional food for a good Eostre/Easter feast in these parts, so everyone does it anyways. It came right for us.

Lent is also over, which is a day of mourning in Germany. After all, German monks perfected the art of brewing beer to make it through this time, also declaring beaver to be fish and therefore edible as well. Beer and beaver, sounds like my college days.

The best part about spring, however, is the planning for hikes. In keeping with my monk-ish theme, I’m packing and planning for the first two weeks of May, which will see me hike the German part of the Camino De Santiago, the Way of St. James. From Germany it turns into France and from there, a final 600 miles, through Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

This leg I’ll only do the German part, opting to spend my next 200 miles not fighting Spanish heat and stray dogs but instead being one of the first to hike the new SalzAlpenSteig which traces the Roman trade routes across the Alps and along the salt mines that once dominated the world’s most precious currency.

Which brings me to the title of this letter — walk with me. I am serious, dead serious. Come visit. Get a plane and fly to Frankfurt. Meet me at any station along the way, either as a pilgrim down the Camino de Santiago or across the alpine beauty of a completely newly designed long distance hiking path. If you’re comfortable with it, we can share a room at the local hostel, find a place to crash at one of the huts, or part and meet again the next morning or a day later somewhere else. Long distance hiking is good for your soul and body. Expect rapid muscle gain, health benefits (you’re in some of the world’s least polluted places, breathing fresh mountain air and drinking fresh mountain spring water), weight loss (if you need it), and more. It’s an amazing trek, you’ll see amazing things, and you’ll be in great company. Call me, email me, Hangouts me. I really do want to walk with you.

And, with that, we’re off for the week. Packing and heading to Hamburg for a day or two, then back and into the mill again. Some days I wish I could clone myself, but then I’d spend the whole day at home fighting my other copies. We’re mad like that.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having the fucking best day of your life. Because you deserve it,